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        2023-01-11學生英語笑話 總統的第一件事 First thing for president

        079 總統的第一件事 First thing for president The presidential election was around the corner. A teache... [查看全文]

        2023-01-09學生英語笑話 好消息還是壞消息 Good news or bad news

        078 好消息還是壞消息 Good news or bad news Students were all busy preparing for next week's exam when... [查看全文]

        2023-01-09學生英語笑話 單數和復數 Singular and plural

        077 單數和復數 Singular and plural English Teacher: "Do you understand singular and plural fo... [查看全文]

        2023-01-09學生英語笑話 謊言 Lies

        076 謊言 Lies A professor said to the class,"You have learnt the concept of lies. In my book On L... [查看全文]

        2023-01-07學生英語笑話 準備 Be prepared

        075 準備 Be prepared Scott failed his final exams. Knowing that his dad will be very upset, he sent... [查看全文]

        2023-01-07學生英語笑話 你沒看見她的成績嗎? Have you seen her grades?

        074 你沒看見她的成績嗎? Have you seen her grades? As an admissions counselor for a state university,I t... [查看全文]

        2023-01-07學生英語笑話 按比例縮小 Shrink in proportion

        073 按比例縮小 Shrink in proportion A teacher asked students to rewrite a 1500-word article to 500 w... [查看全文]

        2023-01-04學生英語笑話 節省樹木 Save Our Trees

        072 節省樹木 Save Our Trees Kids have a greater need for speed than classroom computers can deliver.... [查看全文]

        2023-01-04學生英語笑話 它們只是朋友 They re just friends

        071 它們只是朋友 They re just friends Engineering classes at the university are tough,and struggling s... [查看全文]

        2023-01-04學生英語笑話 絕招 A unique trick

        070 絕招 A unique trick In a law class,the professor was illustrating a case. Seeing a student slee... [查看全文]