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        2023-04-03英文詩歌300首 ROCK ME TO SLEEP

        ROCK ME TO SLEEPBy Elizabeth Akers AllenBACKWARD, turn backward, O Time, in your flight,Make me a child again ju... [查看全文]

        2023-04-03英文詩歌300首 THE ROAD NOT TAKEN

        THE ROAD NOT TAKENBy Robert FrostTWO roads diverged in a yellow wood,And sorry I could not travel bothAnd be on... [查看全文]

        2023-04-03英文詩歌300首 THE RIVER SONG

        THE RIVER SONGBy Ezra PoundThis boat is of shato-wood, and its gunwales are cut magnolia,Musicians with jewelled ... [查看全文]

        2023-04-03英文詩歌300首 A RIDDLE

        A RIDDLEBy Hannah MoreI’m a strange contraction; I’m new, and I’m old,I’m often in tatteres, and oft decked ... [查看全文]

        2023-04-03英文詩歌300首 THE RETURN

        THE RETURNBy Rudyard KiplingPEACE is declared, and I returnTo ’Ackneystadt, but not the same;Things ’ave transpir... [查看全文]

        2023-04-03英文詩歌300首 REMEMBER

        REMEMBERBy Christina Georgina RossettiREMEMBER me when I am gone away,Gone far away into the silent land;When you... [查看全文]

        2023-04-03英文詩歌300首 A RED, RED ROSE

        A RED, RED ROSEBy Robert BurnsO MY Luve’s like a red, red roseThat’s newly sprung in June:O my Luve’s like ... [查看全文]

        2023-04-03英文詩歌300首 THE RED CROSS NURSES

        THE RED CROSS NURSESBy Thomas L. MassonOUT where the line of battle cleavesThe horizon of woeAnd sightless warrio... [查看全文]

        2023-03-19英文詩歌300首 THE RAINY DAY

        THE RAINY DAYBy Henry Wadsworth LongfellowThe day is cold, and dark, and drearyIt rains, and the wind is never ... [查看全文]

        2023-03-19英文詩歌300首 THE RAINBOW

        THE RAINBOWBy William WordsworthMY heart leaps up when I beholdA rainbow in the sky:So was it when my life bega... [查看全文]