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        2022-07-14六級閱讀填空習題 Passage 10

        The desire to venture into unexplored “landscape” guides the direction of new genres. With ... [查看全文]

        2022-07-14六級閱讀填空習題 Passage 9

        Mobile office is the mutual product of economic, scientific, and social progress. Mobile offic... [查看全文]

        2022-07-14六級閱讀填空習題 Passage 8

        In America alone, tipping is now a $11 billion-a-year industry. Consumers acting rationally ou... [查看全文]

        2022-07-13六級閱讀填空習題 Passage 7

        Remember when kids used to just go out and play, and grown-ups spent evenings sharing storie... [查看全文]

        2022-07-13六級閱讀填空習題 Passage 6

        The Pensions Regulator has warned employers not to cook up plans to dump their pension schem... [查看全文]

        2022-07-13六級閱讀填空習題 Passage 5

        Climate talks between the world's top 20 polluters have ended with an unusual level of agree... [查看全文]

        2022-07-12六級閱讀填空習題 Passage 4

        Employers are far less likely to employ people with mental illnesses than those with physical... [查看全文]

        2022-07-12六級閱讀填空習題 Passage 3

        We all hope that the values that are important to each of us are passed along to our chil... [查看全文]

        2022-07-12六級閱讀填空習題 Passage 2

        Two astronauts face a not-so-merry Christmas after being told to ration their food and hope ... [查看全文]

        2022-07-11六級閱讀填空習題 Passage 1

        Tea is the steady companion of the Scottish day, and each hotel, no matter how humble, stoc... [查看全文]