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        2023-04-03初中英語作文 書信·Inviting Our Teacher 邀請我們的老師

        Inviting Our Teacher 邀請我們的老師Dear teacher,The New Year is drawing near . We are going to have an English E... [查看全文]

        2023-04-03初中英語作文 書信·A Thankful Letter 一封感謝信

        A Thankful Letter 一封感謝信Dear Mr. Green,Thank you very much for your lovely Christmas presents for us. As Chri... [查看全文]

        2023-04-03初中英語作文 書信·Changes of Our School 我們學校的變化

        Changes of Our School 我們學校的變化Dear Mr. White,I was so pleased to hear from you and I am writing to tell ... [查看全文]

        2023-04-03初中英語作文 書信·Visiting Beijing 參觀北京

        Visiting Beijing 參觀北京Dear Mum,I have been away from home for four days. Do you miss me? Perhaps you don't k... [查看全文]

        2023-04-03初中英語作文 書信·A Letter of Application 一封申請信

        A Letter of Application 一封申請信Dear Mr. Smith,Recently my friend, Mary Staley, who was once your student, told... [查看全文]

        2023-03-19初中英語作文 書信·A Letter to My Pen Friend 給筆友的一封信

        A Letter to My Pen Friend 給筆友的一封信Dear Peter,How is everything going ? Now let me tell you something about... [查看全文]

        2023-03-19初中英語作文 日記·Visiting the Zoo 參觀動物園

        Visiting the Zoo 參觀動物園SunnySunday, June 23rdIt was a fine day today and the sun was bright . I visited Xi... [查看全文]

        2023-03-01初中英語作文 日記·A Pleasant Weekend 愉快的周末

        A Pleasant Weekend 愉快的周末CloudySunday, April 7My family had a picnic on the weekend . On Sunday morning, my ... [查看全文]

        2023-03-01初中英語作文 日記·My Favourite Book 我最喜愛的書

        My Favourite Book 我最喜愛的書FineTuesday, May 24thDuring the past month, I have already read five books. Among th... [查看全文]

        2023-03-01初中英語作文 日記·I Did a Good Deed 我做了一件好事

        I Did a Good Deed 我做了一件好事SunnySunday, June 4This morning I was waiting at the bus stop. I saw a girl of... [查看全文]