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        英語美文朗讀 第516期 We are a generation that is disciplined




        The climb was pretty intense. we keep climbing higher and higher. The climb get steeper and steeper. Now the air on Mount Everest is one third of the oxygen that you and I are breathing here. So my pace was one step for three breaths.




        I thought. Man, there's no way I'm gonna make it up to the summit. This is too slow. This is ridiculous. I'm taking these steps and I get to a spot where I cannot take my leg out of the ice. I look down. They're not stuck on anything. what's going on? Why can't I move my foot? Nuru, he's a local to Nepal, comes over to me and he takes his mitt off and he knocks twice on my oxygen canister on my back.



        Normally it would make a noise like bunk bunk, showing that there was oxygen in it but it was full. he goes ping ping. And he says. Sir, very bad news. You have no air. Maybe we go back. Maybe you die. And I said not that one. He says, oh more air up high. And what he was saying was that previously in the expedition there had been oxygen bottles that were stashed up higher in case of emergency. He could go get one and I would stay in place. So he disappears off into the Himalayan black sky.



        There's not a feeling like of loneliness in the world like sitting in the middle of the Himalayan mountains with no one around you at night. I'm looking down at that red suit that I put on and it starts to turn gray and then almost black and I realized what's happening was my brain was shutting down. I was actively dying because of the lack of oxygen. Remembering my hero Sir Edmund Hillary who said it's not the mountain we conquer but ourselves. conquer yourself John. conquer yourself John.

        夜晚,一個人孤零零地坐在喜馬拉雅群山的中間,沒有什么感受比這更糟糕了。我低頭看看我穿著的紅色外套,它開始變灰色了,然后幾乎變成了黑色。我意識到,我的大腦已經準備休克了。因為缺氧,我正在死去。我想起,我的英雄Edmund Hillary先生曾經說過,我們征服的,不是山峰,而是我們自己。我對自己說,John,征服你自己,征服你自己!


        Finally I see this light coming down towards me. And I'm like please be Nuru please be Nuru and he says john sir I have air. And I'm like yes. He takes this oxygen bottle off of the regulator of the old one. He takes the new one, screws it in. I take a breath and as soon as I do my suit turns from gray to red again. Whoa! My foot pops right out. we start walking. He says ready to climb? I say yeah ready to climb. Let's do this. Absolutely.



        So I start taking these steps, one after the other. Three breaths one step. Conquer yourself, John. Conquer yourself, John. So I see this pyramid shadow in the distance. That shadow is Mount Everest being cast dozens of miles into the distance. And that's when I realized that I was there. I was standing on top of the world, on top of Mount Everest.



        I'm here now not to brag about myself or tell my own mountaineering stories. If you leave here and think all that guy did was tell his climbing stories you've missed the point. This is about you, because every person should have his or her own Everest. See, in life bad things happen. there are challenges. But do not have a case of excuse like this where you have this disease that things are too hard too difficult or that you're not good enough for whatever reason.



        The mountains will never lower themselves to your level. But you must rise up to the demands presented to you by the climb. The problems of the world are not going to get easier. You must rise up, bring out that leader within, and rise up to the demands presented to you by the climbing. The greatest leaders of all time have come from the times of greatest turmoil. The greater the problem, the greater the opportunity for leaders like you to step up.



        We are a generation that is disciplined. We are generation that is productive. We are a generation that is fighting to fix the mess that was given to us. We are a generation that believes that this planet will not move forward unless we embrace kindness, compassion, and respect for all of life. It is a choice that you will make whether or not you will let that leader out.




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