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        [沖刺中考]英語閱讀與填空:15-Monday 幫助 289詞





        15-Monday 幫助 289詞

        題材: 幫助  詞數: 289  建議閱讀時間: 6分鐘


        Claude and Louise are“giraffes”.So are police officers Hankins and Pearson.These men and women don't look like giraffes;they look like you and me.Then,why do people call them“giraffes”?

        A giraffe,they say,is an animal that sticks its neck out,can see places far away and has a large heart.It lives a quiet life and moves about in an easy and beautiful way.In the same way,a“giraffe”can be a person who likes to“stick his or her neck out”for other people,always watches for future happenings,has a warm heart for people around,and at the same time lives a quiet and beautiful life himself or herself.

        “The Giraffe Project”is a ten-year-old group which finds and honors“giraffes”in the US and in the world.The group wants to teach people to do something to build a better world.The group members believe that a person shouldn't draw his or her head back;instead,they tell people to“stick their necks out”and help others.Claude and Louise,Hankins and Pearson are only a few of the nearly 1,000“giraffes”that the group found and honored.

        Glaude and Louise were getting old and they left their work with some money that they saved for future use.One day,however,they saw a homeless man looking for a place to keep warm and they decided that they should give him some help.Today,they live in Friends' House,where they invite twelve homeless people to stay every night.

        Police officers Hankins and Pearson work in a large city.They see crimes every day and their work is sometimes dangerous.They work hard for their money.However,these two men put their savings together and even borrowed money to start an educational center to teach young people in a poor part of the city.Hankins and Pearson are certainly“giraffes”.


        stick out  伸出,突出:Don't stick your head out.不要把頭伸出去。/His handkerchief stuck out from his pocket.他的手帕從他口袋里露了出來。

        hono(u)r v. 向……表示敬意,表彰:They gave a state banquet to honour his visit to China.他們舉行國宴歡迎他來華訪問。

        crime n. 罪行,犯罪活動:The crime rate continued to increase.犯罪率繼續上升。

        save v. 儲蓄:We try and save £50 a month.我們努力做到每月儲蓄50英鎊?!瑂aving n. (常作savings)積蓄,存款:All our savings are in the building society.我們所有的儲蓄都存放在房屋建筑協會里。

        1.Some of the people around us look like giraffes.

        2.Giraffes are the most beautiful animal in the world.

        3.“Giraffe”is a beautiful name for those who are ready to help other people.

        4.A“giraffe”is someone who can stick his neck out and see the future.

        5.“The Giraffe Project”is a group which appeared ten years ago.

        6.People call Claude and Hankins“giraffes”because they are not afraid of dangerous work.








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