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        英文詩歌300首 THE LIE





        THE LIE

        By Walter Raleigh

        Go, soul, the body’s guest,

        Upon a thankless errand;

        Fear not to touch the best;

        The truth shall be thy warrant:

        Go, since I needs must die,

        And give the world the lie.

        Say to the court it glows

        And shines like rotten wood,

        Say to the church it shows

        What’s good, and doth no good:

        If church and court reply,

        Then give them both the lie.

        Tell potentates, they live

        Acting, by others’ action;

        Not lov’d unless they give;

        Not strong, but by affection.

        If potentates reply,

        Give potentates the lie.

        Tell men of high condition,

        That manage the estate,

        Their purpose is ambition;

        Their practice only hate.

        And if they once reply,

        Then give them all the lie.

        Tell them that brave it most,

        They beg for more by spending,

        Who in their greatest cost

        Like nothing but commending.

        And if they make reply,

        Then give them all the lie.

        Tell zeal it wants devotion;

        Tell love it is but lust;

        Tell time it meets but motion;

        Tell flesh it is but dust:

        And wish them not reply,

        For thou must give the lie.

        Tell age it daily wasteth;

        Tell honour how it alters;

        Tell beauty how she blasteth;

        Tell favour how it falters:

        And as they shall reply,

        Give every one the lie.

        Tell wit how much it wrangles

        In fickle points of niceness;

        Tell wisdom she entangles

        Herself in over-wiseness:

        And when they do reply,

        Straight give them both the lie.

        Tell physic of her boldness;

        Tell skill it is prevention;

        Tell charity of coldness;

        Tell law it is contention:

        And as they do reply,

        So give them still the lie.

        Tell fortune of her blindness;

        Tell nature of decay;

        Tell friendship of unkindness;

        Tell justice of delay:

        And if they will reply,

        Then give them all the lie.

        Tell arts they have no soundness,

        But vary by esteeming;

        Tell schools they want profoundness,

        And stand too much on seeming.

        If arts and schools reply,

        Give arts and schools the lie.

        Tell faith it’s fled the city;

        Tell how the country erreth;

        Tell manhood, shakes off pity;

        Tell virtue, least preferred.

        And if they do reply,

        Spare not to give the lie.

        So when thou hast, as I

        Commanded thee, done blabbing;

        Because to give the lie

        Deserves no less than stabbing:

        Stab at thee, he that will,

        No stab thy soul can kill!


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