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        2022-07-01 23:36:30  每日學英語
        McDonald's successor opens in Russia俄羅斯原麥當勞餐廳更名重開張

        The successor to McDonald's in Russia,"Vkusno - i tochka," reopened 15 restaurants in Moscow and its suburbs on Sunday, three months after the US fast food chain ended its business in the country.美國快餐連鎖品牌麥當勞宣布撤出俄羅斯三個月后,當地時間6月12日,由俄本土企業收購后重新命名的"俄版麥當勞"在莫斯科及其周邊的首批15家門店開業。

        Oleg Paroev, general director of the company, announced the new brand meaning "Delicious - and that's it," during a ceremony at the restaurant in downtown Moscow's Pushkinskaya Square, the first McDonald's restaurant to open in the Soviet Union in 1990.旗艦餐廳的地址選擇了莫斯科市中心的普希金廣場——這也是1990年俄羅斯第一家麥當勞開業的地方。開業儀式上,這家連鎖餐廳的首席執行官帕洛耶夫介紹了餐廳的新名稱——"就是這么好吃"。

        Another 50 outlets will be reopened on Monday, and roughly 200 are expected to reopen by the end of June.帕洛耶夫表示,繼首批15家餐廳后,周一還將開放50家分店,到六月底,預計重新開放200家門店。

        All of McDonald's former 850 restaurants across Russia are expected to reopen by the end of summer, Paroev told reporters.到今年夏末,恢復原麥當勞全部850家門店的運營。